Camouflage helmets IV

This section continues the previous chapter with "Normandy pattern" camouflage helmets. All helmets are found in Norway.

M40 EF66. Tan base with green and brown sprayed on top. Notice the "ghost decal".

The liner of the M40 above. Named to "Lt. Wunn."

M35 NS64 with a three color camouflage scheme; green and red-brown sprayed over a tan base paint. Notice the shadow of the decal (another Norwegian collection).

The liner of the M35 above.

M35 ET64. Sprayed mustard yellow with green and red-brown on top. The colors blend into each other and the paint contains sawdust and woodchips.

The liner of the M45 above. Notice the bent shell which likely occurred during combat before it received the camo paint. The number "199" is painted on the rear skirt.

M35 NS64 Heer DD. Hand brushed medium green paint as a base and brushed on top a thick layer of brown paint in patterns. The decals are painted around and not liberated.

The right side of the same M35 NS64 helmet above.

The liner of the M35 above.

M35 ET66 3-color Normandie pattern camo. Found in Sarpsborg in Norway.

Right side of the helmet described above.

Sprayed with tan paint as base, over-sprayed with green and brown paint in pattern.

The liner of the M35 camo above.

The helmet described above together with an another M35 ET64 camo found in the same county/district in Norway. Same kind of paint pattern, probably from the same German unit.