Chinstrap Manufacturers I (A-G)

Manufacturer markings are normally stamped on the tip of the long end strap. However there are exceptions where the markings are stamped at the base of the long end or on the short end. Additionally, some straps will have the name and location of the manufacturer as well as the date stamped in different places.

Chinstraps manufactured prewar and the early years of the war bear the full name of the manufacturer, plant location and year of production. Later in the war straps were stamped with a manufacturer’s code (RBNr or RFNr). RBNr is an abbreviation for Reichsbetriebsnummer (National Business Number). RFNr stands for Reichsfabriknummer (National Factory Number). This section will show a variety of manufacturer and code stamps and are presented in alphabetical order beginning with the first letter of each name. For example, G. Schiele, Loburg starts with the letter "G".


A R 2, unsure what it means or it could be a manufacturer code

A. Fischer, Guttstadt 1938.

C. Korn, Alzey 1941.

Carl Ackva, Bad Kreutznach 1937.

Carl Tesch, Berlin 1936 (Photo Courtesy Roy Akins)

Carl Tesch, Berlin 1938 with KM marking.

Carl Tesch, Berlin 1940

Curt Vogel, Cottbus 1939.

Czalositzer Lederwarenfabrik 1941

Czalositzer Lederwarenfabrik 1941

dla, ordnance code for Karl Barth Militäreffektenfabrik, Waldbröl 1940.

E. Arthur Hennig. Ohorn /Sa. 1940

E. Arthur Hennig. Ohorn /Sa. 1940

EAS,40 (1940).

EAS, 1941.

E.E.K. Kop 1941.

Ernst Kohnen, Solingen 1940.

Franz Brehme, Walsrode 1938.

Franz Müller & Sohn, Bad Homburg 1941.

G. Schiele, Loburg 1936. One of the largest chinstrap manufacturers.

G. Schiele, Loburg 1936.

G. Schiele, Loburg 1937.

G. Schiele, Loburg 1939.

G. Schiele, Loburg 1939.

G. Schiele, Loburg 1940.

G. Schiele, Loburg 1941.