Camouflage Helmets II

In this chapter you will see more camouflage helmets with different patterns. This page shows the great variety in colors and schemes.


M40 ET66 hand-brushed green paint with sprayed tan paint in patterns. Underneath the camouflage paint is a layer of white winter paint.

The liner of the M40 above. Notice the spots of winter paint on the edge of the rim.

M35 ET64 LW with sprayed tan and green paint in an overlap pattern. Both sides have "ghost decals". Seen here is a first pattern drooptail LW decal.

The liner of the M35 above.

M35 Q66 - sprayed in a tan base color with green and brown patterns over top. The LW decal has flaked off due to poor adhesion to the smooth paint underneath. Similar examples are found in Norwegian collections.

The liner of the M35 LW above. The underside of the liner is stamped "Flieger Schule 1937" (Pilot School).

M40 ET66 KM with “squares” pattern in green and red, with some tan paint between the squares (another Norwegian collection).

The liner of the M40 above.

M40 Q66 with a sprayed three color camouflage scheme. Tan base with shiny smooth green and red-brown on top. Notice the "ghost" decal.

The liner of the M40.

M40 ET64 with sprayed light and dark green in patterns over the surface. Before spraying the helmet received a form of running plasterwork, a unique camouflage scheme. Notice the traces of a former wire attachment. There are at least 4 other known examples in collections in Norway with the same plasterwork pattern, but with different colors.

The liner of the M40 above.

M40 ET64 with sprayed tan and brown camouflage colors (another Norwegian collection).

The liner ofthe M40 above.

M42 hkp with three subtle colors. The paint is rubbed on the helmet with a very thick brush or with a cloth. Unique camouflage helmet.

The liner of the M42 above. Named to "K. Niggl"

M40 Q66 LW sprayed with a light green and red-brown paint. Notice the traces of wire having been attached, the winter paint beneath and the LW decal partly visible.

The liner of the M40 above.

M40 Q66 with a green zigzag pattern. Notice the white winter paint in spots where the camouflage layer has worn off.

The liner of the M40 above. Named to "Piarhrow".