Chinstrap Manufacturers V

This chapter presents chinstraps with R.B/R.F. numbers as well as rare markings on chinstraps and other leather ware.

RBNr. 0/0594/0005

RBNr. 0/0267/0001

RFNr. 0/0494/0008

RFNr. 0/0494/0008





Totenkopf marking on chinstrap on an M40 ET SS SD.

KM marking on a Carl Tesch, Berlin 1938 chinstrap.

A Kriegsmarine (Navy) marking on a Y-strap. The KM marking is pictured with an eagle with swastika on top of capital letter "M".

An other KM (Navy) markings on K98 pouch.

Reichsmarine marking. Early type of German Navy marking. The marking is pictured with an "Kaiser" (German Emperor) eagle on top of a "M".