German Soldiers frequently named or personalized their helmets. This ranged from simple naming on the leather with pen to naming in paint on the inner skirt close to the lot number stamping. The paint was most often white, but red or black is occasionally encountered. The naming may have been done by helmet’s owner but was more likely was done by the platoon or company "artist" who named all the helmets in the unit in his own aesthetic way. Other examples of personalization also exist, such as name tags sewn in the leather and sticker tags.

Naming by pen on the leather. Very common.

The name K. Meland (SS legionnaire Sturmmann in SS Legion Norwegen). Knut Meland was the cousin of the author’s grandfather.

Lt. Wunn (Lieutenant Wunn)

The name "Elly Beusen" with the title Schwester (Nurse). Beusen was a woman who served as a nurse with the Waffen-SS in Oslo, Norway. Extremely rare, most likely one of a kind.

Very rare SS stamping on an M40 ET SS SD. The stamp says; SS-Wachtbattalion "Oslo", 2. Kompanie (Norway).

The name "Zöller" with white paint inside the helmet rear skirt . This style of writing the name is typical for the era.

The name "Förster".

The name "Schleehaut".

Hptw. (Hauptwachtmeister) "Hlare".

Obgefr. (Obergrefreiter) "Schiwek".

Uffz. (Unteroffizer) "Schubert".

Gefr. (Gefreiter) "Sinram".

Lt. (Leutnant) "Spiegel".

The name "Löscher".

The name "Regel".

The name "Greis".

The name "Fuck". In fact a German family name.

The name "Döbler".

The name "Ott". The number "24390" is the field post number for 1st Company, Machine Gun Battalion 4.

The name "Schliephake". Notice the mis-stamp of the lot number.

The name "Lippinthoff".