Heer decals - Quist, SE, NS, EF and reissued helmets

This section covers Heer decals on Quist, SE, NS and EF helmets.

Quist, NS and EF helmets each normally have a particular style of decal, different from the ET type. However both Quist and SE helmets were also produced with ET type decals when the decal suppliers for these helmet manufacturers could not meet demand. Additionally NS and EF may also be found with ET type decals.


Quist decal on an M35 Quist. This decal differs markedly from other Heer decals by its prominent large talons, especially on the left foot. Notice the eagle’s flat forehead. Collectors refer to this decal as the "Bigfoot" and this exampe is an early version in an almost white color.

The national shield on the same M35 Quist shown in the picture above.

"Bigfoot" decal on an M40 Quist helmet. Late production.

The claws and toes on the left foot are a bold type which has been nicknamed "Bigfoot".

The picture above shows the flatter head of the "Bigfoot" decal compared to the ET style and Pocher decals.

Decal on an M35 SE. This decal is also found on ET helmets. Notice the prominent cracking of the black background.

Decal on an M35 NS helmet. This decal was produced by a known manufacturer – C.A. Pocher.

National shield on the same M35 NS shown in the picture above.

C.A. Pocher decal on an M40 NS. This helmet has been fitted with wire for camouflage purposes.

Decal on an M40 EF. The manufacturer of this decal was Huber- Jordan & Koerner. This is an early version of an HJ & K with a large left talon on the right foot.

The picture shows a Huber-Jordan & Koerner first version with a "fatter" left toe on the right foot.

Decal on an M42 EF. This decal is a late HJ & K variant that differs with a thin left talon on the right foot.
Classic Huber-Jordan & Koerner.

The picture shows the second version Huber-Jordan & Koerner with a thinner left toe on the right foot.

Huber-Jordan & Koerner early version. This one is on an M18 that was reissued with new paint and M31 liner. Note the golden color indicating a thick layer of lacquer. This gold color is often mistaken for a Kriegsmarine decal.

Heer decal on an M18 reissue. The decal was manufactured by Ed. Strache. These decals were often used on both WW1 and WW2 reissued helmets.

A Heer decal on an M40 ET62 reissue. The maker is Ed. Strache.

A Heer decal on an M35 ET reissue. Notice the early decal commonly found on WW1 reissues. A Methner & Bürger with the typical turn-down beak (can-opener beak).

A Heer decal on a M17 Austrian reissue. Methner & Bürger manufactured decal. Poor design.

A Heer decal on a M40 ET reissue, a Methner & Bürger decal in good condidtion.