Photo Gallery VII

This chapter presents 2 camouflage helmets, both with unusual camo schemes.


M40 Q66 with a zigzag camouflage pattern. Notice the white winter paint in spots where the camouflage layer has worn off.

Left view.

Right view.

View from front left side.

View from the right rear.

View from the left rear.

Rear view.

The liner of the M40 above. Named to "Piarhrow."

Close-up picture of one of the rivet heads.

Close-up picture of the remnants of winter paint.

M35 ET64 Luftwaffe with sprayed tan and green paint in an overlap pattern. Both sides have "ghost decals".

Left side of the helmet. Notice the outline of the Luftwaffe decal.

Right side of the helmet. Notice the ouline of the national shield.

Front view.

Rear view. Notice the sprayed pattern.

The liner of the M35 above. Notice the early M31 aluminum liner band and the LW paint. The liner has production maker embossed in the leather.

Close-up picture of the "ghost" droptail Luftwaffe decal.

Close-up picture of the "ghost" national shield.