Photo Gallery III

This chapter continues with a study of several camos.



M35 Q66 LW sprayed in a tan base color with green and brown patterns over top.

Right side of the M35 Q66.

Front view of the M35 above

Rear view

The liner of the M35 LW above. Classic Luftwaffe paint inside.

The Luftwaffe decal has flaked off due to poor adhesion to the smooth paint underneath.

Picture showing the outline of the national shield under the paint. Some cracking has occurred in the paint.

Close-up picture of the rivet head.

M40 hkp62 spray painted with red, brown and green patterns over a mustard-yellow base. Notice the thin layer of white wash over the whole helmet.

Right side of the M40.

Picture of the front left side. Notice the remnants of white wash around the rivet head.

Front view. Notice the heavy wear on top of the helmet.

View from the left rear.

Rear view.

The liner of the M40.

Close-up picture of the surface. Red-brown and green paint on top of the yellow mustard base. Notice the thin layer of whitewash over the paint.

Close-up of the rivet head around which are heavy remnants of chalky whitewash.

Close-up picture of the wear and the paint.

Another close-up picture of the camo paint.