Heer & SS Visor Caps & Uniforms for sale

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The book is hard cover, 230 pages with 12 SS Visors, 43 Heer Visors, 2 Sidecaps and 9 Uniforms. There are 736 photographs of high quality.The format is 216 mm x 350 mm (approx. US legal).

What makes this book superior to similar publications are the large format pictures showing great detail, specifically designed for textile collectors.

It has a complete Heer service branch section and a double page displaying all Heer piping colors, 2 General caps, an SS officer grouping and some rare caps not previously published. The foreword was made by Paul Sack and Doug Buhler was the text editor.



«Received my copy yesterday….If you want to see authentic WH and SS headgear in am almost hands on fashion….buy the book….both novice and budding collector can learn from this book…many more seasoned can just gap and smile at the amazing photographic content seen here….I doff my hat of for the authors for this righteous addition to my collecting library.»

«Just received my copy and I want to say what an excellent job to the part of the authors. The photography (all color!) is fantastic with larger-than-life details shots. Plus, there are plenty of interior photographs as well. I highly recommend it, to beginner and advanced collector alike.

Seriously, a great job and congrats - you are both a credit to the hobby.»

«Just received my copy. Some of the best photographed militaria I have ever seen. Luftwaffe next please.»

«I also got my copy and I must say it is a stunning visor cap book! Nice pictures (maybe the best in published cap books?) and a wonderful collection of visor caps and also uniform content. Jan and Trond have made a superb book I recommend to all who have interest in Third Reich heer and SS visor caps. Well done my friends!»

«Hi Jan & Trond. Received my book today, quick shipping, great illustration/reference book.»

«Just got my copy. WOW, what a treat, big photos, big hats, what more can you ask? Very nice production. Congrats to the authors. A must for the library!»

PRICE: $ 85 included shipping world wide.

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Note: The images shown in this section are of lower quality than those in the book.



Page showing an SS General's Visor Cap.

Page showing an SS General's Visor Cap.

Page showing an SS Officer's Visor Cap.

Page showing an SS Officer's Visor Cap from the side and a close-up picture of the skull.

Page showing a General Staff Officer's Visor Cap.

Page showing the interior of the Visor Cap above as well as the eagle.

Page showing a Heer General's Uniform.

Page showing details of the General's Uniform above.

One of the pages showing the Heer waffenfarben.