Helmet Finds in Norway III

This chapter continues with finds by the author of this website in 2018. It seems harder to get decent helmets the last years (2017-2018), lot of poor condition helmets and postwar painted helmets.

Some of the finds posted here have Norwegian postwar use. During the first days in May 1945, the Norwegian resistance fighters used conquered German helmets for their use.

M18 K64 helmet with WW1 configuration. The maker "K" is J. & H. Kerkmann, Ahlen/Westfalen. The helmet was found in Oslo, Norway.

The liner of the M18 above.

M40 SE66 Heer SD reissue. Found in Oslo, Norway.

The liner of the M40 above.

M40 ET66 "Hirdens Bedriftsvern" (the Quisling "Old Guard") Helmet. The insignia is handpainted with a silver-white paint. This helmet was used mostly by older members of NS and Norwegian Waffen SS volunteers serving in Norway after frontline duties. This helmet is a former SS helmet. The helmet has traces of a SS decal under the handpainted insignia on the right side.

Right side of the M40 above.

The handpainted insignia on the left side. The insignia shows the old Northern mythology, sun cross or St. Olav's cross with swords.

The liner of the M40 above.

M40 ET64 former Heer helmet. The letters "U" are painted in front, back and both sides. Uncertain what the "U" stands for. The markings are definitily done in the May days of 1945.

THe front of M40 above.

The ET style Heer decal. The white paint is oil-based.

The liner of the M40 above.

M40 ET62 Heer reissue with a Ed Strache decal. Found in Oppland, Norway.

The right side of the M40 above.

The liner of the M40 above. Notice the pigskin liner.

Close-up of the Ed Strache decal.