Helmet Finds in Norway II

This is a picture in a local newspaper in Norway. The newspaper is from the late 40's. The text describes how bad the old German barracks were secured and millions of krones (Norwegian currency) were lost due to looting by civilians.

This chapter continues with finds and purchases in 2018. All finds are from Norway.

M35 Q66 Polizei DD with light green overpaint. The paint is added over the factory paint. The helmet was confiscated by a Norwegian resistance figther in 1945 from the HQ of Gestapo and SD in Oslo, Norway (Victoria Terrasse).

Right side of the M35 Quist pictured above.

THe liner of the M35 above. The helmet skirt along the liner has retrieved a sprayed paint layer in exactly the same paint color as the outer part.

Polizei decal of the M35 Quist above.

Party shield on the same M35 Quist above.

Chinstrap with the common maker, G. Schiele, Loburg 1939.

Domestamp with a personal marking, "Bge."

Polizei marking on the inside of the leather.

M42 EF64 with light gray overpaint. The paint is referred to "Schnellbootweiss" and is a standard Kriegsmarine paint for small vessels as torpedo and patrol boats. The helmet was found at Vardås Fort at Nøtterøy in the Oslo fjord, Norway. The fort was a KM big gun coastal fort, MKB 6/501 which had three 38 cm naval guns.

Right side of the M42.

Front view.

Rear view. Notice the stacking marks. It has probably been painted and another helmet was placed on top of the dome before the paint was dry enough.

The liner of the M42 above. Notice the manufacturer error. The leather liner is turned inside out. The rough surface of the sheep/goat skin is turned against the wearer's head. Named to "Schmitz".

Naming painted with the same paint as rest of the helmet, namely Schnellbootweiss or light gray.

Close-up the rough underside of the leather which is turned out.

Close-up of the circular leather reinforcement which is glued to smooth part of the liner.

Chinstrap manufacturer, Geflitter, Striegau 1942.