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The book is in A4 format, hardcover and contains of 166 pages with 83 helmets and 8 examples of SS cloth headgear with 624 images of excellent quality. First chapter covers Norwegian SS-volunteers helmets, second chapter covers camouflage, wire and net helmets, third chapter covers helmets with decals (Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Polizei) and the last chapter covers SS cloth headgear.

Forewords by Ken Niewiarowicz (Germany's Combat Helmets) and Kelly Hicks (SS Steel).

Reviews :

"I finally had time today to sit down and enjoy this wonderful publication by Jan and Gisle.

I don't know if there are any copies left, but if so, I'd give it my highest recommendation.

If you like eye candy, this book is SUPERB, and made especially interesting with the attributed examples and accompanying solders' stories.

Thanks fellas, I REALLY enjoyed it!"

"I received my copy of your book today, and WOW! I was stunned by how you guys have assembled so many unique pieces, neatly laid out in separated chapters. The book is one of the best picture books written on german helmets, and the fact that 81 of 83 helmets are from Norway makes this book a fascinating read for us Norwegians. I enjoyed also the fact that this book is in hardcover, giving it a more solid appearance. 

I was blown away by the SS helmet chapter over all the helmets previously owned by notorious Norwegian SS Frontfighters and two of the worst german Gestapo soldiers located in the area I am from. Seeing splendid pictures of the helmets together with period pictures of the owners (and in some instances probably with the helmet worn!!) is just amazing! I heard rumors last year that Gisle was looking to buy Jonas Lie's helmet, so it was great to finally see it. I was not prepared to also see the infamous Ragnar Berg's helmet. I was not aware that it existed! So, after being blown away with all the fantastic SS helmets, the next chapter takes on camouflage, wire and chicken wire helmets which is equally amazing.

Then a chapter on factory issue helmets of all branches before the book rounds up with Gisle's SS cloth headgear. Overall, a fantastic book which all of you guys here in Walhalla can really look forward to. My helmet of to you for a fantastic book!!" 

"Got my copy in the mail today and reading it now. Superb! Very high quality and the hardcover is a big plus. Thanks so much for doing this and giving me a copy my friend! Great pictures, illustrations and info! The SS section is amazing. The whole book is very well done. Congrats and thanks again!"

"Great book, a must hav in my opinion. Shows named and attributed SS helmets with photos of the soldiers in many cases and real out of the woodwork finds that are a must for the new and old collector alike. Pictures are perhaps the best I have ever seen in any helmet book for clarity as well. A lot of work went into this book, congrats on a great work to the authors!"

PRICE : $ 40 included shipping world wide.

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Note: The images shown in this section are of lower quality than those in the book.


One of the pages showing an M40 ET62. The wearer, a Norwegian Waffen SS volunteer.

A page showing the liner with the story of the Waffen SS volunteer.

Page showing an M40 ET64 Heer SD with camouflage paint.

Page showing the liner of the camouflage helmet above.

Page showing an SS M43 cap.