Photo Gallery VIII

A M40 KM size 64 in 28cm Krupp gun.

Presented here are items that are currently or were previously in my collection. They were found primarily by newspaper advertising in Norway.



Two camouflage helmets in autum surroundings.

A camouflage set, both in identical colors of of red-brown, green and tan colors. Both were found on the western coast of Norway.

M35 ET camo helmet. Painted with tan base with chocolate-brown and green sprayed over. The gas mask canister with tan base and red-brown and green sprayed over.

A Torn Fu b1 portable radio found in Norway. Notice the hole box is camouflaged in the early Reichswehr ccamo pattern.

The Torn Fu b1 radio/transceiver in front.

An artillery (kartuchen) crate painted in the classical Reichswehr camouflage pattern. Notice almost the same colors on the M40 helmet on top.

The same crate as above. The letters means: 10 cm for WW1 field gun K17/04. The 10 cm K 17/04 was primarly used on coastal forts on Norway's long coast by the Germans troops 1940-45.

MG34 ammo box made of aluminum, dated 1938. The red cross means incendiary 7.92 ammo for among other things, AA purpose.

Ammo box with a 7.92 ammo belt (dud cartridges)