SS Decals and Party Shields

SS decals are very different from any other decals presented on this website. They are comprised of black sigrunes on a silver shield that is bordered in black. The manufacturing process was more or less similar to that of Heer decals. A two sheet process was used wherein the SS runes were applied to the metallic silver shield. SS represents the "Schutzstaffel" which was originally formed as Hitler's bodyguard unit in the early 1930s.

As with Heer decals, there are a number of SS decal variations as the different helmet manufacturers obtained their SS decals from a number of different decal manufacturers. Almost all SS decals presented here are in Norwegian collections and many of them are related to Norwegian SS volunteers.


SS decal on an M34. The decal manufacturer is C.A. Pocher. Note the sharp angles of the runes. Another feature is the bottom line of both runes are in line with the point where the shield makes a turn to become narrower and pointed (the «break»).  These decals were often used on early production helmets such as the M35 SS DD (double decal) helmets produced by ET and Quist.

Party shield on an M35 Quist SS DD. Virtually identical to the party shields on Polizei helmets.

SS decal on an M40 ET.

SS decal on an M40 ET. Notice the thick layer of lacquer surrounding the edges of the decal and also the decal’s distinct black borderline. Also note that the bottom of the shield comes to a tip and is not fully rounded.

SS decal on an M40 ET. The decal is applied to a slightly rough surface and the particles in the paint are evident on the surface of the decal. Notice the thin black borderline compared to the examples above.

SS decal on an M40 ET. This decal has yellowed over time.

SS decal on an M40 ET. This example has also yellowed over time. When viewed with the naked eye, the silver shield appears more golden.  SS decals can be found with a silver sheen or gold luster.

SS decal on an M40 ET. There is much residual lacquer around the edges of the decal.

SS decal on an M40 ET.

SS decal on an M40 Quist. This decal differs from ET decals by the shape of the SS runes and has a certain similarity to C.A. Pocher decals. Quist runes have sharper angles than ET runes, resembling the runes of the C. A. Pocher. However the bottom edge of the left rune is slightly lower than the C.A. Pocher, positioned below the break point in the shield.

SS decal on an M40 Quist.

SS decal on an M40 Quist.

SS decal on an M35 Quist. Early edition.

SS decal on an M40 EF. These SS runes have more or less the same form as those on Quist decals. Note the shape of the shield - the break is more rounded compared to Quist and C.A. Pocher shields (Photo Courtesy Tony Schnurr).

SS decal on an M42 EF. This one has developed a golden tone due to age.

SS decal on an M35. This type of decal is referred as a "fat type".