Luftwaffe Decals

Luftwaffe decals stand out from Heer and KM with the distinctive flying eagle clutching a swastika in its talons. Most late examples (1940 to 1943) that one finds on ET, Quist, SE, NS and EF look similar as opposed to the wide variation of Heer decals.

First pattern Luftwaffe decal on an M35. These decals are called "droop tail" referring the down-turned tail. In addition, the upper foot on droop tail decals differ. This example is called a "straight leg" where the left leg is almost perpendicular to the eagle’s body (photo courtesy Anders Lehrman).

Another example of a "droop tail" on an M35. This decal is called a "snake leg" referring to the left leg winding like a snake instead of being straight (photo courtesy Anders Lehrman).

Second pattern LW decal on an M40 ET. This standard decal was used on ET, Quist and SE helmets. On the upper base of the eagle’s left wing is a black dot more or less presicely placed in the center of the decal.

A second pattern LW decal on an M40 Quist. This is a non-standard second pattern due to the lack of the aforementioned dot on the eagle’s left wing upper base.

A second pattern LW decal on an M40 Quist.

A non-standard second pattern LW decal on an M42 ckl.

Luftwaffe decal on an M35 NS. Notice that the claw appears to “hover” over the swastika as opposed to clutching it.

Luftwaffe decal on an M35 NS. The same type of decal as pictured above. Notice the golden color resulting from the lacquer on the decal yellowing over time

Luftwaffe decal on an M40 EF. Notice the distinctive details of the eagle’s head (photo courtesy Anders Lehrman).

Luftwaffe decal on an M42 NS. Notice the angle of the wings and the curved back. This is due to incorrect application of the decal. The water transfer has shifted slightly so that the back and wings appear a bit different.

Green Luftwaffe decal produced by Huber Jordan & Körner on an M42 NS. This is a "reissue" decal that was often used on helmets requiring new decals after being repainted. While difficult to tell from this photo, there is another LW decal under the last coat of paint that has crackled around and partly inside the green replacement decal.